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Here at Eureka ! Science we know that learning is fun and that science is endlessly fascinating. 
Students with homework questions or who are having a bit of trouble figuring out what your science teacher is presenting in biology class ---
Teachers who are looking for a different angle on a biology lesson plan or to supplement the science curriculum ---
Homeschool parents looking for science experiments that are fun learning experiences, but don't need fancy equipment to do ---
Inquiring minds who are trying to get a better grasp on the latest science news ---
Parents and kids looking for fun and challenging science fair projects ---

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Keep a finger on the pulse of science by keeping up with some of the latest science discoveries and inventions.  Times they are a changing - and science is the engine of that change.

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Plants take in CO2 and put out O2.  Animals inhale O2 and exhale CO2.
 We need each other!



Thanks to people like you, who are curious or fascinated by science, we have over A MILLION AND A HALF VISITORS each year !  We love having you here.  Please, come back often.   Check out all the Awards we have been so proud to receive !  We are a National Science Teachers Association Recommended Site!!! 

Ready for a grand tour of DNA and more?   Gene, Polly, Chloe and RayNA are waiting show you all around their cool world.

Eureka ! Science offers the I Can Do That! web pages as a painless way to find fun facts about DNA, RNA, cells, protein and cloning.

We believe that when we find a topic interesting, we absorb vast amounts of information, painlessly.  Think of people you know who have memorized the batting stats of every major league player, relatives who know all the latest gossip on the Hollywood set, friends who could write a book on the Civil War, and neighbors who can explain what is happening in the most recent X-files.  Have they stayed up nights meticulously studying innumerable library books?  No Way!  They have simply been enjoying themselves.

These web pages are offered in the same spirit.  We will not send you a test in the mail.  If the information gets a little thick, just keep going.  It will lighten up again.  Promise!  Science really is full of fun facts.  So...

We are proud to offer a new expansion of our website by providing 'for parents and teacher' pages as well as 'Ask Dr. Pat' and 'Science News'.  Our 'for parents and teacher' pages include a more adult approach to the science material as well as links to helpful websites for further information.  These all complement our fun and easy approach to biology topics.  Here are our ICanDoThat pages:

bacteria cells
bacteria cells for parents and teachers
plant cells - page 1
plant cells - page 2
plant cells - for parents and teachers
animal cells - page 1
animal cells - page 2
animal cells - for parents and teachers

dna introduction
dna introduction - for parents and teachers
dna structure
dna structure - for parents and teachers
dna genes
dna genes - for parents and teachers
dna replication
dna replication - for parents and teachers
dna replication detail
dna replication detail - for parents and teachers

rna synthesis
rna synthesis - for parents and teachers
protein synthesis
protein synthesis - for parents and teachers
protein synthesis detail
protein synthesis detail - for parents and teachers

cloning - for parents and teachers
genetic engineering
genetic engineering - for parents and teachers


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