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Here at Eureka ! Science we know that learning is fun and that science is endlessly fascinating. 
Students with homework questions or who are having a bit of trouble figuring out what your science teacher is presenting in biology class ---
Teachers who are looking for a different angle on a biology lesson plan or to supplement the science curriculum ---
Homeschool parents looking for science experiments that are fun learning experiences, but don't need fancy equipment to do ---
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Keep a finger on the pulse of science by keeping up with some of the latest science discoveries and inventions.  Times they are a changing - and science is the engine of that change.

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Mitochondria are thought to have originated when a single cell bacterium invaded a larger cell.  The two cells became dependent upon one another to live!



You can jump ahead to the following categories of links:

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Here's some cool sites for science information

The Microbe Zoo - What a great place to find out about all those bugs...the good, the bad, and the ugly.
DNA from the very beginning   -- A website so excellent that it sets a new mark for the delivery of information in an easy to understand format.  A product of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
www.mos.org/sln/wtu -
Boston's Museum of Science introduction to the universe -- teachers should definitely check this site out for the whole class
www.mos.org/sln/Leonardo -
Boston's Museum of Science exploration of invention and science through the life and work of Leonardo deVinci -- must see for kids and teachers alike
Boston Museum of Science -
Boston's Museum of Science main page; click on Teachers, then on cheapbook to find all sorts of inexpensive and fun experiments to do
Electronic Zoo -
NetVet and Electronic Zoo - hyperlinks to find information about any kind of animal
CellsRUs -
Great presentation about cells and how you start from a single cell
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/science96 -
Map of human genome with information about the role of these genes in human disease
http://sln.fi.edu/biosci -
Listen to heart beats and view the structure of the human heart
Mad Science -
Ask questions, tour down a microscope, tour the human body and much more
Cells Alive -
Lots of different kinds of cells and information about what they do to and for humans
Strange Science -
Funny theories once held by scientists to be true - includes sea monsters
www.fi.edu -
All sorts of topics for kids to adults - biology, weather, geology and more - Franklin Institute Science Museum
www.stsci.edu -
Pictures from the Hubble space telescope and information about the telescope
http://school.discovery.com/homeworkhelp/bjpinchbeck -
The ultimate - B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - hyperlinks for nearly any topic
http://photoscience.la.asu.edu/photosyn/education/experiments/virtual.html - Do a virtual experiment!  This is a lot of fun and easy to do!
Fun School -
experiments and stuff geared for younger grades
Science Made Simple -
experiments and more
Kid Info -
lots of links
How Stuff Works -
wow! check it out!
http://members.aol.com/uksforum -
"quick trip for teachers" lots of topics with hyperlinks
Sand Lot Science -
web space illusions; see how to make an image look like it is spinning and much more

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Here's some sites for more advanced science information

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/bv.fcgi?rid=stryer - Biochemistry textbook by Berg, Tymoczko, and Lubert
http://gened.emc.maricopa.edu/bio/bio181/BIOBK/BioBookTOC.html  - All sorts of biology topics - graphics
www.cellbio.com -
Hyperlinks to Cell and Molecular Biology sites
www.nationalgeographic.com -
On-line version of famous magazine - have a kids section
www.popsci.com -
On-line version of Popular Science
www.sciam.com -
On-line version of Scientific American
www.biology.arizona.edu -
College course on wide range of topics in biology
http://esg-www.mit.edu:8001/esgbio/chapters.html -
Biology Hypertext Book - one of the best written - college level but accessible to advanced high school

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            Here are some of my favorite learning sites
ABC Toon Center -
Interactive games, stories, cartoons, music and fun for children age 3 and up
ABC Learning Time - Learning my abc's, numbers and how to tell time.  It's interactive fun for ages 3 and up

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 Here's some sites with educational products

 www.smartneurons.com - Kids Educational Software For Preschoolers.  Smart Neurons provides educational software for preschoolers and kids to help enhance their pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination.


If you know of a great website we should add to our list, let us know!


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