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Mitrochondria contain their own DNA, and duplicate themselves independently.  Mitochondria are inherited only from the mother!



PLANT CELLS:    Page 2
For Parents & Teachers

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     "Look way over there! It's a woman tending a tomato plant.  We'll find plenty of plant and animal cells there!

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     "While we're walking over there, why don't I tell you a bit about what we'll find when we look at the cells.

     "Both plant and animal cells are bigger than the cells like Simon and Ishy.  They are also much, much more organized.   Scientists call plant and animal cells 'eukaryotes' just because they are organized.  These cells organize their insides by the job being done.  It might be helpful to look at some of them to see what I mean.

     "Whew! that was a good walk!  Let's look at Rudy the root cell first.  Hi! Rudy!  Mind if my friends and I check you out?

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Sure, but I need to keep working."




    "Rudy's job is to take water and small nutrients from the soil and send it up to the part of the plant above the ground.  It's a very important job.  When there is no rain, Rudy can't do his job and the whole plant gets thirsty and starts to wilt!  But, let's peek at what Rudy has inside him!

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     "You probably are thinking that Rudy is more complicated than Ishy.  He's really not, just more organized.  See the stuff named the nucleus, mitochondria, vacuole, golgi, endoplasmic reticulum are just compartments that hold all the stuff related to one job.  These compartments are called organelles.  Cells are like houses.  You can have one room cells, like Ishy and BeeGee.  You can also have cells with many rooms, like Rudy and all the plant and animal cells.  Each room would have a separate function.  Just like a house could have a kitchen and a living room and a bedroom.  Different activities take place in each room.  Organelles are like the rooms, with different activities taking place in different rooms. 

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