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Keep a finger on the pulse of science by keeping up with some of the latest science discoveries and inventions.  Times they are a changing - and science is the engine of that change.

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DNA is only 20 nanometers wide.  That is nearly one one-millionth of an inch!



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   "Well, here's the whole crew, doing their thing!  Watch what happens!





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     "The transfer-RNA floats in and if its anti-codon matches up with my codon, it gives up the amino acid it was carrying.  Then the ribosome super glues the new amino acid to the end of the amino acid chain it has been growing.  Ain't that cool?  It's kinda complicated.  That's why it took them scientists so long to figure it out!

     "Well, I need to get serious about helping my pals, the ribosomes, make protein.  Its been great having you traipse along with me a while.  Why don't you go see Gene?  He wants to show you all about cloning.


     "Happy trails to y'all!"

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