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Here at Eureka ! Science we know that learning is fun and that science is endlessly fascinating. 
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Keep a finger on the pulse of science by keeping up with some of the latest science discoveries and inventions.  Times they are a changing - and science is the engine of that change.

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Our Pledge: Ask Dr. Pat is a feature we offer to get your science questions answered.  Be you a teacher, parent, homeschooling your child, a biology student, or a life-long learner, we invite your questions and will try our very best to get you an accurate answer in a timely manner.  Please peruse the archives listed below, as you may find your question has already been asked and answered.

Policy Statement:  We will not run any personally identifying information in the question and answers of our feature, Ask Dr. Pat.  We will run only those  questions and answers we believe would be of general interest to our visitors and not those that suggest personal dilemmas.


Topics in our Ask Dr. Pat Archives

Archive 14
How do I pick a cell for a cell model?
What structures are not found in an animal cell, but are found in a plant cell?
How do you approach a second grader about cells?

Archive 13
Can DNA be collected from red blood cells?
How do you explain mitosis?

Archive 12
What do bacteria need to survive?
How can we teach 10 year olds what a cell is?
What would an age-appropriate science fair project be for a 7 year old?
Why did DNA polymerases not evolve to need a primer?
Why are cells called cells?

Archive 11
Can you give me some ideas for a cell model?
Cell model question
What are some forces we use in everyday life?
What is the role of DNA in protein synthesis?

Archive 10
How does RNA code for amino acids?
What is the 'wobble hypothesis'?
Why does it take DNA to make DNA?

Archive 9
What are the holes in leaves called?
How many cells in an animal or plant?
Are the same kind of cells, like bone cells, different in different animals?
What is the ER and what does it do?

Archive 8
Is DNA found only in living things?
About how many DNA strands make up the average human body?
Any links to the Human Genome Project?
Any links to models of animal cells?
What is the purpose of animal cells?

Archive 7
What makes DNA negatively charged and why does it move in an electric field?
Where did cells come from?

Archive 6
Multiple questions about amino acids, protein synthesis, DNA, and cell division.
Multiple questions about DNA synthesis, genetic engineering, and diseases caused by retro-viruses.

Archive 5
Can you explain protein synthesis?  I just don't get it.
What species is the closest to humans?  What % DNA do they share?

Archive 4
What would happen if the mRNA were not broken down after protein synthesis?
What nutrients are in protein and how much do you need in your diet?
What does Eureka mean?
Which is the dominant gene, the one for brown or blue eyes?

Archive 3
How do I make a cell model?
Multiple questions about % of DNA sequence shared by different family members.
Multiple questions about the discovery of DNA, inheritance of personality traits, cloning, and amount of DNA in a person.

Archive 2
What is a centrosome?
How do I make a cell model?
Would your clone have the same fingerprints as you?
Your site helped me make a presentation on cells.
What are genes made of?

Archive 1
What are purines and pyrimidines?
What is a bacteria?
Is uracil always substituted in RNA?
What genes are located on chromosome 19?
Can I get a clone?


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