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Keep a finger on the pulse of science by keeping up with some of the latest science discoveries and inventions.  Times they are a changing - and science is the engine of that change.

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Headlines added December 2, 2008

Caltech scientists show function of helical band in heart  12/2/08   health & medicine

Self-powered devices possible, says Texas A&M researcher    12/2/08   physics

Argonne scientists discover possible mechanism for creating 'handedness' in biological molecules   12/2/08  biology

Endangered sawfish focus of national collection and recovery efforts    12/2/08  endangered species

Brown chemist finds gray mold's killer gene    12/2/08   agriculture & plants

Newborns exposed to maternal smoking more irritable, difficult to soothe    12/2/08   behavior & learning

Foretelling a major meltdown    12/2/08   our earth

Study on wildlife corridors shows how they work over time   12/2/08   land animals

No place like home: New theory for how salmon, sea turtles find their birthplace    12/2/08   marine biology

Persistent pollutant may promote obesity   12/2/08   health & diet

Source of geysers on Saturn's moon may be underground water   12/2/08   astronomy

Study of oldest turtle fossil    12/2/08   archaeology

Headlines added earlier

New Egyptian Tomb Discovered -- multiple news sources
   New tomb opened in Egypt's Valley of the Kings
     Reuters     2/11/2006   
   Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt    BBC News      2/10/2006

Before T. Rex - oldest ancestor found -- multiple news sources
   Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered
     Yahoo! News    2/11/2006    
   Before the Tyrannosaurus, Guanlong Roamed China    New York Times      2/9/2006    
   T. Rex's Oldest Ancestor Discovered in China     National Geographic News     2/9/2006    
   FSU biologist says new dinosaur is oldest cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex      Press Release    2/8/2006   
   Oldest T. rex relative unveiled      BBC News      2/8/2006

"Lost World" teems with new life forms -- multiple news sources
   Scientists Find 'Lost World' in Indonesia
      Yahoo! News     2/8/2006
   "Lost World" Found in Indonesia Is Trove of New Species     National Geographic News     2/9/2006
   Scientists discover dozens of new species in 'Lost World' of western New Guinea     Press Release     2/6/2006
   Science team finds 'lost world'     BBC News     2/7/2006    

   Land Animals

Food scarcity is hitting sparrows        2/9/2006     Land Animals

Yellow-Legged Frog Faces Extinction      2/11/2006     Endangered Species

Spirit Mars Rover Reaches 'Home Plate': Formation Has Researchers Puzzled      2/11/2006     Astronomy & Space

Greeks find largest Macedonian tomb of nobles     2/12/2006     Archaeology

Tomb of Prehistoric Leader Unearthed in Modern Rome     2/8/2006     Archaeology

Early Chiefdoms Offer Clues to Modern Wealth, Power, Study Says     2/8/2006     Archaeology

Video: "Vampire Birds" of the Galapagos Islands    2/9/2006   Land Animals

Henry VIII's Lost Chapel Discovered Under Parking Lot     2/10/2006    Archaeology

Polar Bears Endangered? -- multiple news sources
   Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears
     Yahoo! News     2/8/2006
   Polar Bears Being Considered for U.S. Endangered List     National Geographic News     2/12/2006
   Endangered Species

Eating less fat may lower breast-cancer risk, have little impact on colon-cancer, heart-disease risk     2/6/2006      Health & Diet

Proteins' subtle 'backrub' motion could have important implications      2/6/2006      Biology Research

Titania nanotubes create potentially efficient solar cells     2/7/2006     Physics

MIT researchers fired up about battery alternative     2/7/2006     Physics

Adding nanotubes makes ordinary materials absorb vibration     2/7/2006     Physics

Red grapefruit appears to lower cholesterol, fight heart disease     2/7/2006      Health & Diet

Social first graders more likely to become good readers     2/8/2006     Behavior & Learning

Parental conflict may affect children's behavior and learning by disrupting their sleep     2/8/2006     Behavior & Learning

Veggies contain chemicals that boost DNA repair and protect against cancer     2/8/2006      Health & Diet

The smoking gun: Elastin fragments drive emphysema     2/8/2006      Health & Medicine

A clue to core problem of neurodegenerative disease and cell death     2/8/2006     Biology Research

A new way of looking at molecular motors     2/8/2006     Biology Research

Pits and tectonic grabens in Phlegethon Catena on Mars     2/9/2006   Astronomy & Space

Parental conflict produces more than fleeting distress for children    2/9/2006    Behavior & Learning

Which holds more: A tall, thin glass or a short, fat one?     2/9/2006    Behavior & Learning

UF researchers develop ways to keep the bloom on the rose     2/9/2006     Agriculture & Plants

Hydrogen bonds shown to play 'conserved' role in protein folding     2/9/2006     Biology Research

When good DNA goes bad     2/9/2006    Biology Research

No pacemakers in the brain may explain cot death    2/11/2006    Health & Medicine

Frozen Water Discovered on "Deep Impact" Comet - Lessons for Life on Earth?    2/5/2006     Astronomy

Did Climate Change Trigger Human Evolution?     2/5/2006     Our Earth

Forgetfulness may really be drug side effect     2/6/2006     Health & Medicine

Dogs succeed in diagnosing cancer    2/6/2006      Health & Medicine

Study supports limiting television time for children      2/5/2006      Behavior & Learning

Parachuting allows krill to eat and run    2/5/2006    Marine Biology

Journal article validates the coming of age of hair replacement surgery     2/5/2006     Health & Medicine

One in 14 men having a heart attack drive themselves to hospital    2/5/2006    Health & Medicine

Scientists find ability for grammar hardwired into humans      2/5/2006      Behavior & Learning

Brain changes significantly after age 18, says Dartmouth research      2/5/2006     Biology Research

'Freshman Fifteen' is a myth, but weight gain is still a problem     2/5/2006     Behavior & Learning

Home paper shredders pose serious injury risk to toddlers    2/5/2006    Behavior & Learning

Research into soy will continue but soy is not a solution for heart disease       2/5/2006     Health & Diet

Older adults may reduce risk of metabolic syndrome by eating more whole grains     2/5/2006     Health & Diet

Tufts expert examines the cardiovascular benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet     2/5/2006    Health & Diet

Unique Australian Trees Endangered (AP)    1/29/2006    Endangered Species

Hurricanes Shape New Natural Order (AP)    1/29/2006     Our Earth

Experts: Black-Footed Ferrets Reproducing (AP)       1/31/2006    Endangered Species

Genetic link to Parkinson's found     1/30/2006    Health & Medicine

Gene thwarts some pathogens, gives access to others, could save crops    2/2/2006    Agriculture & Plants

NASA post-hurricane Katrina images available on Google Earth     2/2/2006   Our Earth

Memory problems at menopause: Nothing to forget about    2/2/2006    Health & Medicine

Illegal trade is propelling rare turtle toward extinction, new report    2/1/2006    Endangered Species

Pesticide combinations imperil frogs, probably contribute to amphibian decline    2/1/2006    Endangered Species

UC Riverside researchers identify clay as major contributor to oxygen that enabled early animal life     2/1/2006    Our Earth

Teens' healthy food choices foiled by early lunch, soft drink machine income and parents who cater     2/1/2006     Behavior & Learning

Receptor critical in neurodegeneration reduces Alzheimer's plaque      2/1/2006     Biology Research

MNI researchers find that sense of smell is dependent on body position     2/1/2006     Biology Research

New measurements prove myosin VI can act as molecular transporter     2/1/2006     Biology Research

Partner proteins may help estrogen foster breast cancer     2/1/2006    Health & Medicine

Evolution mystery: Spider venom and bacteria share same toxin     1/31/2006     Land Animals

Finding life on Mars and outer space begins by examining Earth's inner space     1/31/2006     Astronomy & Space

Molecular force field helps cancer cells defend against attack     1/31/2006      Health & Medicine

Scientists discover genetic profile of an often-misdiagnosed chronic allergic disease of children    1/31/2006    Health & Medicine

Two-drug treatment may block source of asthma and chronic bronchitis    1/31/06   Health & Medicine

New 'planet' is larger than Pluto     1/31/2006    Astronomy & Space

Gene discovery linked to increasingly diagnosed gastrointestinal disease     1/31/2006     Health & Medicine

Genetic cause of sudden infant death in African Americans      1/31/2006     Health & Medicine

Study finds 60 new genes controlled by DNA snippet    1/31/2006     Biology Research

Omega-6 fats cause prostate tumors to grow twice as fast     1/31/2006      Biology Research

Asthmatic children in multi-family housing hit by indoor nitrogen dioxide      1/31/2006     Health & Medicine

Missing steps of jumping-gene replication discovered     1/30/2006      Biology Research

Turbulence yields secrets to 73-year-old experiment     1/30/2006     Physics

Chronic oil pollution takes toll on seabirds along South American coast     1/30/2006      Endangered Species

Like their pregnant mates, primate dads-to-be pack on pounds     1/30/2006      Behavior & Learning

Protein holds back growth of head and neck tumors     1/30/2006      Health & Medicine

Life-threatening lupus responds to stem cell transplant therapy     1/30/2006     Health & Medicine

RNAi and telomere length     1/30/2006     Biology Research

Biobullets' fight harmful mussels     1/30/2006     Marine Biology

Global effort needed to anticipate and prevent potential misuse of advances in life sciences     1/30/2006      Behavior & Learning

Pollution puts fat rats at heart attack risk     1/29/2006    Health & Medicine

Even a mile of forest can make a difference in water quality     1/29/2006     Our Earth

Baboons in mourning seek comfort among friends     1/29/2006    Behavior & Learning

Think your friends know you pretty well? Think again     1/29/2006     Behavior & Learning

New study shows that variety is overrated, especially in our choices for others     1/29/2006     Behavior & Learning

Why offer promotional bonuses? New study shows how (fake) progress can motivate customers     1/29/2006      Behavior & Learning

Common molecular 'signature' identified in solid tumors    1/29/2006     Biology Research

Hot-spring bacteria flip a metabolic switch     1/29/2006     Biology Research

Identifying the source of negative emotions greatly reduces their influence on unrelated decisions     1/29/2006      Behavior & Learning

Giving d.j. vu a second look     1/29/2006    Behavior & Learning

Yale findings hold promise for stopping progression of bipolar disorder    1/29/2006      Health & Medicine

Hope for arthritis stems from within     1/29/2006     Health & Medicine

Flap over fishes: Who's the smallest of them all?    1/29/2006     Marine Biology

NASA assesses strategies to 'turn off the heat' in New York City    1/29/2006    Our Earth

Using statins to potentially treat rheumatoid arthritis    1/29/2006    Health & Medicine

Contagious obesity? Identifying the human adenoviruses that may make us fat     1/29/2006     Biology Research

Source of crucial immune cell in the skin discovered    1/28/2006    Biology Research

Bacteria in dirt may be "born" resistant to drugs       1/19/2006   Biology Research

No raised cancer risk from mobile phones: study      1/25/2006   Health and Medicine

3D structure of HIV is 'revealed'    1/24/2006   Health and Medicine

Time changes human's face    1/25/2006   Archaeology

Scientists find 'smallest fish'    1/25/2006   Marine Biology

Spacecraft, heal thyself    1/19/2006   Astronomy

The closest look ever at the cell's machines    1/21/2006   Biology Research

British blackcurrants beat Alzheimer's    1/22/2006    Health and Diet

NFL players show more rapid recovery from concussions than high school players    1/22/2006   Health and Medicine

Keeping biological tubes in check: New insights into tube size morphogenesis    1/22/2006   Biology Research

Reactive oxygen species shown essential for development of inner ear's balance machinery    1/22/2006   Biology Research

Age-related memory improvement linked with consumption of apple products    1/22/2006    Health and Diet

Public schools equal or better in math than private or charter schools    1/22/2006    Behaviour and Learning

A UAB research team discovers a new type of building built in Peru over 2000 years ago    1/23/2006    Archaeology

Pair of studies offer new clues to combat antibiotic resistance    1/23/2006   Biology Research

Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids unlikely to significantly reduce risk of cancer   1/23/2006    Health and Diet

Antibiotic eardrops better than pills at treating middle ear infections    1/23/2006   Health and Medicine

Cause of ongoing pain discovered    1/23/2006   Health and Medicine

Duck-billed dino crests not linked to sense of smell    1/23/2006   Archaeology

HIV prevention hope: Yogurt bugs that make antiviral drugs    1/23/2006   Health and Medicine

2005 was the warmest year in a century    1/23/2006   Our Earth

Diabetes complications rooted in faulty cell repair    1/23/2006   Health and Medicine

Treatment of Down syndrome in mice restores nerve growth in cerebellum    1/23/2006   Health and Medicine

Johns Hopkins team discovers statue of Egyptian queen     1/23/2006   Archaeology

Common bacteria pirate natural mechanism to get inside cells    1/23/2006    Biology Research

Patterns in genome organization may partially explain how microbial cells work    1/23/2006   Biology Research

Use your brain, halve your risk of dementia     1/24/2006   Health and Medicine

Satellites show Amazon parks, indigenous reserves stop forest clearing      1/24/2006   Our Earth

Cities Make Own Weather Due to Trapped Heat, Expert Says    1/19/2006    Our Earth

Dog Virus May Be Killing Yellowstone Wolves   1/19/2006    Endangered Species

Murdered "Bog Men" Found With Hair Gel, Manicured Nails    1/19/2006    Archaeology

Researchers find effective, cheap treatment for cystic fibrosis lung disease     1/17/2006    Health and Medicine

UCSD biologists find new evidence for one-way evolution    1/17/2006    Biology Research

Fat overload kills mammalian cells . key culprit identified    1/17/2006    Biology Research

Researchers at Barrow Neurological Institute resolve 40-year eye movement, visibility controversy    1/17/2006    Health and Medicine

Heart-healthy compound in chocolate identified    1/18/2006   Health and Diet

Growing crops to cope with climate change    1/18/2006    Agriculture and Plants

New Animal Species Found in Calif. Caves (AP)    1/18/2006    Land Animals

Internet users judge Web sites in less than a blink      1/18/2006    Behavior and Learning

Aspirin reduces the risk of cardiovascular events, though effects differ between men and women    1/16/2006    Health and Medicine

Study links Alzheimer's disease to abnormal cell division     1/16/2006    Health and Medicine

Vitamin A analog is a potential lung cancer preventative with few side effects    1/16/2006    Health and diet

Darkness unveils vital metabolic fuel switch between sugar and fat    1/17/2006    Health and Medicine

In spite of ourselves    1/17/2006    Behavior and Learning

In the mind's eye: How the brain makes a whole out of parts   1/17/2006     Biology Research

Tiny RNA molecules fine-tune the brain's synapses   1/17/2006    Biology Research

Experts to Search Bangladesh for Sandpiper (AP)    1/16/2006    Endangered Species

El Salvador studies mystery deaths of rare turtles       1/16/2006    Marine Biology

Prehistoric 'Kitchen' Found in Indiana      1/17/2006    Archeology

Custom-Made Microbes, at Your Service    1/16/2006    Biology Research

Study: Competition for sex is a 'jungle out there'   1/15/2006    Endangered Species

Absence of critical protein linked to infertility    1/15/2006    Health and Medicine

Regular exercise reduces risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease by 30 to 40 percent, new study finds   1/15/2006    Health and Medicine

Comedy films boost blood flow to the heart    1/15/2006    Health and Medicine

New cocoa evidence on why plant foods are beneficial to cardiovascular health    1/15/2006    Health and Diet

New possibilities to fight pests with biological means    1/16/2006    Agriculture and Plants

Nurses' research proves mother knows best when taking temp    1/16/2006    Health and Medicine

NASA poised to launch first Pluto probe (Reuters)     1/15/2006    Astronomy

Conservationists agree steps to save African lion       1/16/2006    Endangered Species

Corn Farmers Smile as Ethanol Prices Rise, but Experts on Food Supplies Worry    1/15/2006    Agriculture and Plants

Lobsters Use Smell Test to ID Buddies, Bullies    1/14/2006    Marine Biology

Anti-adhesive layers leave no hope for insects     1/12/2006   Agriculture and Plants

Full-day vs. half-day kindergarten    1/12/2006   Behavior and Learning

Fewer deaths than 2004, but earthquakes still kill nearly 90,000 in 2005    1/12/2006    Our Earth

People who restrict calories have 'younger' hearts    1/12/2006    Health and Diet

Patients now surviving once-fatal immune disease    1/12/2006    Health and Medicine

Curry and cauliflower could halt prostate cancer    1/14/2006    Health and Diet

Study by Einstein researchers could lead to a novel strategy for treating obesity    1/14/2006    Health and Diet

Stardust parachutes to soft landing in Utah with dust samples from comet    1/15/2006    Astronomy

Einstein's Big Idea: Time Traveler - multimedia     6/27/2005     Physics

Einstein's Big Idea: The Light Stuff - multimedia      6/27/2005     Physics

Einstein's Big Idea: E = mc2 Explained - multimedia      6/27/2005    Physics

NOVA scienceNOW: Lightning - multimedia      10/6/2005     Our Earth



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